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Eastman Lift Trucks Pte Ltd was founded in February 1990, and grew based on the goal of being a provider of quality services to our customers. In 1991, with a total fleet of only 12 units in our arsenal, we took on our first major contract, which was one of the boosting factors to bring us to where we are today. Today, Eastman Lift Trucks Pte Ltd has expanded massively, boasting a fleet of over 100 forklifts in our base. However, our success has not made us forget our main goal of providing quality services to our valued clientele.


Through the years, Eastman Lift Trucks Pte Ltd has had the honor and privilege of working with various esteemed and highly prestigious companies, such as Stolt Container Terminal Pte Ltd, SH Cogent Logistic Pte Ltd, Seashore Transportation Pte Ltd, SsangYong Engineering & Constructions Co. Ltd, PSA Corporation Limited, SBS Transit Ltd, ST Aerospace and many more. Whilst our company now possesses one of the largest and most comprehensive forklift fleets in Singapore, we have never compromised on our “Eastman quality” of providing one-stop solutions and services. This dedication to being a quality service provider has led to many of our esteemed clients to continue contracting with us.


Therefore, rest assured that Eastman Lift Trucks Pte Ltd will never compromise on our “Eastman quality”, and will continue to strive always to serve you better.


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Eastman Lift Trucks Pte Ltd


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